Machine Polishing

The machine polishing package includes a single-stage machine polish to remove light surface defects (swirls, holograms, marring), leaving a higher gloss finish, deeper reflections and a better clarity to your paintwork’s finish and clay bar decontamination. The aim is to achieve a minimum removal of 70% light defects, but on average we achieve a much higher result due to modern products, equipment and skills used.

A careful process is undertaken to ensure that the best pad and product combination is chosen to achieve a good level of correction, whilst refining to provide a glossy, sharp finish. Paint depth readings are taken throughout the process to ensure that the thickness of the clear-coat lacquer is protected.

This package is where the real benefits of a professional detail show.

After a multi-stage wash and decontamination process with a specialist clay bar.

The clay bar will remove any embedded contaminants which would have been previously bonded to the paintwork. This could range from heavy tar spots, industrial fallout and iron filings. When you rub your hand over the paintwork, in 99% of cases, you will find that the paintwork is rough and feels like sandpaper, this is also know as fallout and is very common but can be harmful to paintwork, as it can be corrosive over time. Removing these contaminants will enhance and improve the gloss and shine of the bodywork. Fleetserve can restore even the most faded and dull paintwork to a ‘nearly new’ condition.

Once the majority of light defects are removed, the final stage protection will be applied, this will be discussed with you in advance to ensure your vehicle receives the level of paint protection you prefer. The price includes a standard polymer paint sealant and wax, but we would advise our customers to look into our ceramic coating options for the best protection available. All glass is polished and cleaned, trim and tyres dressed and exhaust tips polished.

This package provides an improvement in vehicle appearance, whether it be an existing car or preparing a car for sale, customers are continually amazed at the results achieved.

  • Small Cars – £245.00
  • Medium – Large Cars – £295.00
  • M.P.V & 4×4’s – £350.00
  • Optional upgrade Diamondbrite lifetime protection £95.00
  • Kenolon Ceramic shield £350.00