Paint & Stone Chip Repairs

Over 60,000 factory correct colours available

The unique Fleetserve paint chip repair process is the most effective way to touch up minor automotive paint chips and road rash. Effective paint chip repair keeps your car looking like new and protects it from rust and other long-term damage.

More effective by far than traditional touch-up paint or paint pens, you’ll get professional results and a guaranteed exact 100% OEM match to your car’s finish.

Using a unique plasma formula “next generation” paint, Fleetserve blends premium quality automotive tints with cutting edge quick dry chemicals that blend away any excess paint in just minutes. Unlike other paint chip products, this process ensures that the paint stays in the chip. The result is a smooth and shiny finish that will have your car looking brand new.

So, as well as touching up existing damage, you’ll be investing in keeping your prized motor looking newer for longer!

Prices from £25