Clay Bar Valet

What is clay bar valeting and how do you clay bar a vehicle? A clay bar is a specially designed resin compound which is similar in texture to “play dough”. Used with the correct clay lube, the clay bar glides over the paint to gently remove anything protruding the surface. Clay bars usually come in 2 forms. Medium and hard.

This specialised valet gives special attention to the exterior. The clay bar will remove any embedded contaminants which would have been previously bonded to the paintwork. This could range from heavy tar spots, industrial fallout and iron filings. When you rub your hand over the paintwork, in 99% of cases, you will find that the paintwork is rough and feels like sandpaper, this is also know as fallout and is very common but can be harmful to paintwork, as it can be corrosive over time. Removing these contaminants will enhance and improve the gloss and shine of the bodywork.

Please note, with this service I follow with a premium wax to protect the prepared surface. But if you require total perfection, please see our Machine polishing service.

Please note that if your vehicle has fundamental paint defects such as flaking paint, stone chips, deep scratches and bird lime etching, rust, poor paint matching from previously resprayed panels and dents, then I will not be able to achieve 100% perfect finish in these areas. Small dents and scratches may become more noticeable with the perfect high gloss finish I can achieve.

  • Vehicle Rinsed
  • Alloys Wheels Cleaned
  • Traffic Film Remover applied to lower half incl. all door/boot sills & inner arches
  • Vehicle shampooed & washed
  • Vehicle is clayed and tar spots removed
  • Autogloss Rinse applied prior to rinsing
  • Dried with chamois leather or microfibre drying towel
  • Bodywork finished off with a premium long lasting carnauba
  • Tyres dressed for that showroom finish
  • Clean all exterior glass
  • Small Cars – £85.00
  • Medium – Large Cars – £95.00
  • M.P.V & 4×4’s – £115.00
  • Optional upgrade Diamondbrite lifetime protection £95.00
  • Kenolon Ceramic shield £350.00